University Archives is pleased to announce its next sale.

On November 11th, 290 lots of rare and unique pieces will be offered, representing such collectors’ categories as Kennedyiana, Napoleonia, and the Jack Kerouac Estate, to Presidential, Supreme Court, World War II, Civil War, Space / Aviation, and many more.

Marilyn Monroe

LOT No. 182 -- (Estimate: $20,000 - $25,000)

Marilyn Monroe Signed and Inscribed Portrait “To Joe…” Superb! Could it be DiMaggio?



Enormous Signed Iconic black and white portrait of Marilyn Monroe, leaning up against the wall, in her classic come hither pose. The portrait depicts Marilyn in bare shoulders with her famous voluptuous pout. Signed and Inscribed by Marilyn Monroe to “Joe,” perhaps THE “Joe,” as “To Joe / Love & Kisses / Marilyn Monroe. Fine condition, 11″ x 14.” Accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity from PSA/DNA.

Abraham Lincoln

LOT No. 167 -- (Estimate: $2,000 - $2,400)

Abraham Lincoln Tintype in Magnificent Brass Patriotic Mat and Gutta-Percha Case.


A magnificent Lincoln Tintype, approximately 2″ tall, in brass and a gutta-percha case measuring approximately 3″ x 3.75″. Stunning display of Lincoln’s image, among the best we have ever seen!  The image is sharp and clear, and Lincoln’s cheek is even a little bit rosy. The brass case shows an eagle with talons, an American flag on either side, and a cannon with cannonballs at the bottom.  The gutta-percha case shows a female figure on front and back, and front being more three dimensional, with a train, boat, and other objects on it.

John F. Kennedy & The Kennedy Assassination -- The Estate of Father Ronald Hoskins (1949-2020) "Assassinologist"

November will see more items from the estate of Father Ronald Hoskins (1949-2020), the noted assassinologist and collector of John F. Kennedy memorabilia, with an additional 40 lots relating to John F. Kennedy, Jaqueline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, and others. John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s signed Manhattan District Attorney’s office badge will be offered, as well as his personally owned “Piper” brand baseball cap recovered from the hatchback of his Saab in the days following the Martha’s Vineyard plane crash. Other unforgettable items include: the deed to a grave site in Section 17 of Shannon Rose Hill Cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas, very near to Lee Harvey Oswald’s final resting place; a large black and white photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald and other members of the U.S. Marine Corps Platoon 2060 taken in San Diego in 1956; and a circa April 1962 autograph letter signed by Oswald, sent to his mother from the Soviet Union, discussing the upcoming Texas gubernatorial election which would place John Connally, Oswald’s unintended Dallas motorcade victim, in office. Last, six geometrical pencil drawings signed by Jack Ruby were sketched by him while incarcerated at the Dallas County Jail in Dallas, Texas, ca. 1965.

Jack Kerouac -- Estate-Certified Art, Books & Relics

This month, literary aficionados will seek out more outstanding items relating to the Written Word. More items from the Jack Kerouac Estate will be offered, ranging from the Beatnik’s personally owned books and papers, to treasured personal possessions.