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Integrity and Terms for Private Treaty Sales (not sold through Auction)

Every private treaty item we sell is backed by a guarantee of authenticity for the full purchase price to the original purchaser, and comes with a letter of authenticity. Every item we agree to purchase is accorded a fair price, and often we can pay you within 24 hours. Every purchase is wrapped with care and insured for loss or damage. We treasure our documents and our customers.

Terms of Sale

By either ordering or buying an item through private treaty, the Buyer accepts these conditions of sale and enters into a legally binding, enforceable agreement with University Archives (UA). The following terms and conditions constitute the sole terms and conditions under which UA will offer for sale and sell the property on our website or in other places. These Conditions of Sale constitute a binding agreement between the Buyer and UA with respect to the purchase or order of material. By ordering, whether in person, through an agent or representative, by telephone, facsimile, on line, absentee order, or by any other form of order or by any other means, the Buyer acknowledges the thorough reading and understanding of all of these Conditions of Sale, all descriptions of items on the website or elsewhere, and all matters incorporated herein by reference, and agrees to be fully bound thereby.

No order may be place in any manner unless the buyer has fully reviewed and agrees to all of the "Conditions of Sale" either printed or online. By ordering any item the Buyer represents and warrants to UA that he or she has fully reviewed and agrees to be bound by all of these "Conditions of Sale" and the terms set forth. Without such representation, warranty and agreement, UA would not permit the buyer to order and/or buy.

Buyer and UA agree that any agreements between the Buyer and UA including but not limited to these Conditions of Sale are entered into in Fairfield County Connecticut, which is where the agreements are to be performed and the sale to take place, no matter where buyer is situated and no matter by what means or where buyer was informed of the items and regardless of whether catalogs, materials, or other communications were received by Buyer in another location. Both UA and the Buyer agree that any disputes under these Conditions of Sale, the subject matter hereof, the entering into, or any aspect of the Sale, shall be exclusively governed by Connecticut law, and that any and all claims or actions shall be brought and maintained only in Fairfield County, Connecticut, in a State or Federal Court to the exclusion of any other venue, locale or jurisdiction. All parties submit to such jurisdiction. Both Buyer and UA agree that these provisions are intended to be binding on all parties and that they shall solely control choice-of-law, venue and jurisdiction in the event of any dispute specifically including third party claims and cross-actions brought by either UA or Buyer and that absent such agreement, UA would not permit Buyer to buy hereunder. Any violation of the terms of this Paragraph shall entitle the affected party to reasonable attorney fees and litigation costs in addition to all other available remedies, all of which remain reserved. The parties agree that UA shall be entitled to present these Conditions of Sale to a court in any jurisdiction other than set forth in this paragraph as conclusive evidence of the parties' agreement, and the parties further agree that the court shall immediately dismiss any action filed in such jurisdiction. Notwithstanding any other provision herein, the prevailing party in any claim, dispute or litigation between the parties shall be entitled to an award of reasonable attorney fees and costs of litigation.

Guarantee for Private Treaty Sales (not sold through Auction)

Each item is unconditionally guaranteed genuine. In the unlikely event a lot is declared to be not authentic, we may ask the purchaser to supply the written opinion of one competent authority acceptable to us. We will refund the original purchase price after documentation has been submitted. The buyer’s remedy under this guarantee is limited to the cancellation of the sale and the refund of the original purchase price.

Selling and Consigning Your Items 

We’re always buying. We have paid out over $250 million to purchase items just like yours. Whether your item is a $500 presidential clipped signature, or a collection valued at $1 million, we are uniquely situated to pay you instantly.

Appraisal Service

Our appraisal service is considered the “gold standard” in the industry. We are often recommended by both Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses. The United States Justice Department hired us to appraise the 40-million piece Richard Nixon archive. Whether you need an informal, oral estimation of value, or a full-fledged written report for IRS or insurance purposes, you’ve come to the right place.

Authentication Services

Without a doubt, John Reznikoff is the most in-demand authenticator for historical autographs in the world. Our reputation speaks for itself, but for more information, please see our website.

Expert Witness 

John Reznikoff ‘s expertise with questioned documents and valuation is regularly sought out not only by individuals, but also by attorneys nationwide. The satisfactory outcome of many cases has deservedly established his reputation as being the expert you want on your team. John Reznikoff has been hired on several high-profile murder cases, as well as simple real estate disputes involving a questioned signature on a contract.


We deal privately with our clients, never revealing the source of our purchases. If necessary, we can give you special covenants pertaining to the time and nature of the sale of your items. To our knowledge, we are the only firm in the world that will accommodate its clients in this fashion.


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